Autumn's Gold –

The season of fall is here.

The leaves on the trees are radiant in colors of
red, yellow and gold.

The foilage of the trees reflects the impermanence of nature. However, the sparkle of precious metals lasts forever.

Would you like to enjoy even more of this sparkle?
If so, take advantage of our autumn promotion:

With every purchase of precious metals, you will now receive an additional, sparkling bonus to add to your deposit account!

Starting on October 15 and through November 15, 2018, any time you make a purchase using the
BUY NOW , you will receive an add-on bonus of gold as part of our Autumn bonus.*

The Autumn bonus will be computed based on a percentage of your purchase amount. To find the daily percentage rate, please visit.

We hope that you will enjoy your Autumn bonus!

You do of course have the option to "exchange" different precious metals online at any time. Use the "Switch" function, which can be found right under "Transaction" in your login area.

„BUY NOW“ at a fixed price: The quickest option to use this service is via PayPal or credit card.

* This promotion is available only for purchases made in the customer login area using the „BUY NOW“ button between October 15 and November 15, 2018.

Purchases made by other means without a binding price will not be considered. Each payment will be factored in only once. Payments for fees will not be included.

The Autumn bonus will be calculated as a perdentage of the purchase amount (not to exceed EUR 5,000 per purchase).

The percentage rate (min. 0.5%, max. 2% of the purchase amount) will be randomly generated before trading begins for all purchases made on a single day.

One day after your purchase, the Autumn bonus will be transferred to your precious metals deposit account in the form of a percentage ownership in a 1 ounce Vienna Philharmony Gold Coin or a 100 g Heraeus Gold Bullion. The delivery of the bonus is subject to our respective General terms and Conditions. The images of the bonus are provided as non-binding examples only.

Legal recourse is not available for this promotion.

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