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Cheer on your favorite

at the 2018 World Cup

and win additional precious metals as World Cup premiums*

Bet on the new 2018 World Champion and, with each purchase via BUY NOW, win additional precious metals as World Cup premiums*


If you’ve correctly selected the 2018 World Champion correctly, we will double your already received World Cup premiums on 16.07.2018


We wish you the best of luck with your bet and have fun watching.


Enter your bet in the login by 24.06.2018. Don't miss the chance of doubling your premiums!

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Be on the safe side with a
competent precious metal trader

Auvesta allows you to systematically build a precious metal position through a savings plan. Whether you acquire bullion, coins or a combination of both, precious metal dealer Auvesta allows you to purchase portions of a large gold bullion starting with the first Euro you decide to invest.


Besides transparency, secure storage, authenticity and a buy-back guarantee as well as a certified quality standard, Auvesta now offers an  "eService", that definitely distinguishes the company from the droves of other traders.  Especially PayPal, a company many customers are familiar with, offers a high level of security and is a tool precious metal buyers like to use. This makes it possible to conveniently retain and multiply assets.


Having received multiple awards from business magazine FOCUS MONEY in the past, building assets with Auvesta is a simple and secure option, which also allows trading in real time.


*This promotion only applies to purchases made in the customer login via the "Buy now" button between 14.06.2018- 15.07.2018.

Purchases by other transfers without price maintenance will not be considered.  Each payment is only assessed once. Payments for costs (agio) are not taken into account.

The WM premium is calculated as a percentage of the purchase amount (up to EUR 5,000 per purchase).

The percentage (at least 0.5%, max 2% of the purchase amount) is set for all purchases on a day at random by the close of trading on the relevant day.

** The World Cup premiums will be credited to your precious metal deposit the next day after your purchase as a 1 oz Vienna Philharmonic gold coin or a 100 g Heraeus gold bullion. For delivery, the applicable terms and conditions apply. The images of the World Cup premiums are only a non-binding example.



Participation in this promotion only for newsletter subscribers! You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time in the customer login


Legal recourse is excluded.

Of course, you can "exchange" various precious metals online at any time. You will find the "Buy now" function in your login directly under "Transaction".

"Buy now" with fixed price: Payment with PayPal or credit card goes fastest.

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